Wednesday, 21 May 2008

DavisEyes S/S Launch - 'Classified' Collection

Justine Davis created DavisEyes, the 'luxe punk glam' label, in 2006. Achieving interest from local and international buyers since its inception, DavisEyes was discovered through Australian Fashion Week and achieved critical acclaim soon after.

The current DavisEyes collection, titled 'Classified', is a mix of chic tattoo inspired print and body sculpting lines.

"In this collection, I have created an exciting mix of detailed pieces that include, as well as go beyond, traditional wardrobe staples", says Justine. "Not just black, but white, metallic and bold colours in silks and jerseys combined with unique luxe trims bring everyday clothes to life with a modern touch of fantasy".

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kirstie said...

oh, the red dress. and the last one. so beautiful!