Friday, 30 October 2009

Wednesday, 21 October 2009


I recently touched base with the lovely and very down to earth duo Carlos and Bonnie from decadent swimwear label Seventh Wonderland to get a more in depth insight into their creative vision and progression as a new label.

1. What is the inspiration behind the collection?

Our collection this year is entitled “Welcome to the Seventh Floor”. It is inspired by London’s magnificent and most beautiful store ever created 'Biba'. Bonnie & I were fascinated with how this store managed to bring fantasy to life. The inspiration came to us in a few different ways. One because of how much intricate detail went into this store and just as importantly the feeling that customers would have experienced when they walked into this dreamland. It has all the belief elements which make up the essence of Seventh Wonderland.

2. Bonnie's prints were the corner stone of the Summer 08/09 collection. This collection features a more subdued palette with intricate cut-outs. What fueled this direction?

Our label is about pushing boundaries and not keeping to a particular look and feel, it's about progression and not being complacent. Our signature piece this season has definitely been about our laser cut technique and how this can be adapted into swimwear. Certainly no easy feat but the result that we received from Swim Fashion Week earlier this year really cemented our presence and determination to key media and accounts nationally & internationally. It was also an opportunity for Bonnie to work outside her comfort zone and to explore new techniques that compliment her hand created prints.

3. Seventh Wonderland is rooted in Sydney culture. How has the label translated internationally?

We have been so fortunate that in a short period of time our customers and friends have really taken a strong liking to Seventh Wonderland in Australia. Overseas is even more exciting for us because we have had the opportunity in securing four new territories this season which includes Japan, NZ, Scandinavia & the USA. Our efforts with Swim Fashion Week and Miami for a second time this year has given us the ability to really build on our vision internationally.
International accounts have also responded well to SW because it's moving away from traditional swimwear and introducing new techniques for boutique stores who are craving point of difference.

4. What's the story behind the name Seventh Wonderland?

Bonnie & I envisioned a fashion label with purpose & meaning as opposed to having just another fashion label with no substance. We knew that we had to develop an aesthetic which would allow us to work with an altered experience. Inevitably this would be a world were customers would hopefully forget about their responsibilities for a moment and take some time out to relax. We are hoping that the association with Seventh Wonderland would find customers on holidays or taking time out with family or friends. Swimwear usually revolves around Spring/Summer so the emergence of dream and escape started to really take effect on how we wanted to be portrayed. Then I started thinking about all the wonders of the world and how confusing it was to distinguish what was ancient, modern and everything else in between and then it finally came to me that this label would be called the Seventh Wonderland. It's “the Seventh Wonderland” and our interpretation of world which has been created for those who love to dream and long for escape. Words that best describe SW would be fantasy, glamour, beauty, romance, dream and escape.

Monday, 19 October 2009

Problem Child - Best In Show

Newly conceived Sydney label Problem Child specialises in accessories that are refreshingly quirky and clever. The eclectic debut collection consists of beautifully textured jewellery, belts, scarves and underwear inspired by a mix of Edwardian dapper, Spanish Catholicism, licorice all-sorts and my favourite, parlor pussy cats.

Designer Amanda Testa is one clever little lady who's work has me excited about what she will come up with next. Check out her pretty website for the entire collection + stockists.

Friday, 16 October 2009

Song for the Mute - Ink A/W 10

Emerging Sydney label Song for the Mute is an exciting new concept conceived by award winning graphic artist Melvin Tanaya and Italian trained fashion designer Lyna Ty. The label is a nod toward the directional struggle encountered by the contemporary male. Their debut A/W 2010 collection titled Ink explores a mixture of eras in a way that is raw, organic and story telling creating the antithesis of corporate uniformity.

This duo is definitely one to watch. It's good to see more Australian labels exploring this direction.

Friday, 2 October 2009

Lady Petrova

Since going solo it seemed appropriate that Petrova Hammonds's label formerly known as 'Lady' go back to its original roots and be re-named "Lady Petrova". The name was an ode to her father who was also a fashion designer who's label was 'Lord Kim'.

Her self titled collection draws inspiration from the classic 80's cult film 'Heathers' as well as the colourful artworks of Sonia Delauney. Whilst exploring the power of cliques & colour theory, Petrova's collection stays true to her signature aesthetic by incorporating sugary cupcake colours, vintage printed fabrics and lace in styles that can be morphed and reversed for a number of looks.

For a behind the scenes peek at the making of the look-book head to

The high summer collection is due to arrive in stores during late October early November.