Saturday, 22 November 2008

The Sydney Fashion Design Studio End Of Year Parade

The Sydney Institute Fashion Design Studio showcased its students innovative designs for its annual end of year parade at the Carriageworks last Wednesday night.

The parade was very impressive featuring streetwear, eveningwear, swimwear and tailoring from all three stages of the Institute’s intensive course.

Sydney definitely is a creative breeding ground for up and coming designers, I would personally buy some of the outfits that went down the catwalk.

Below are some of my favorite creations from the show.

The People

8 comments: said...

Amazing. I think you should chase up some of those designers- esp the pants from look one and the dress from look three (which is a little bit louise goldin).

I've said it before and I'll say it again- Australia has some unreal talent.


Jess said...

I know!! I would buy those knit leggings in a heartbeat!

It is definitely exciting to see where Australian fashion is heading!

Sylvia said...

wow... cool..
you've posted my cocktail dress, swimwear, and tailoring...
it's such a huge compliment :)

Dinie said...

the 4th pic looks like A Wang's dress..
the menswear drape pieces are awesome!

Anonymous said...

the 4th picture definitely looks like an alexander wang copy, the other photos are brilliant though

Mel said...

Ooh some of these are my friends!! the pics are great!

{K}cheese said...

The squiggle dress is such a weird coincidence because Alexander Wang just did something quite the same.

lauren james said...

in reference to the alexander wang, everyone copies eachother in fashion, art, music..

these designs are phenomenal !