Monday, 18 May 2009

Amy Kaehne SS 09/10 - The Kerouac Collection

The collection is inspired by the counterculture movement of the 1950s Beat Generation & its father of the movement, Poet/Writer Jack Kerouac.
Jack Kerouac's masterpiece "On The Road" inspired the collection by eastern influences, art, literature, music and most importantly the idea of bohemian nonconformity in the era of independence & experimentation.
Most beat generation writers and poets were struggling artists that were satisfied by creating literature that was both challenging & eclectic.

I love the inspiration that has influenced this collection. The range itself is very interesting up close. Such amazing detail...


Chickygirl said...

I love the pictures!!! Nice blog you got!

Summer said...

She's so pretty.Love the second photo and her dress are so great.Looking forward on your next post.=)

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Solo said...

Love the first shot! She's so pretty too.;D

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