Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Saint Augustine Academy - The Lamentations Of Euchrid The Mute A/W10

"Euchrid Eucrow - outcast among outcasts. Born mute to a drunken mother and a father who spends his days building vicious traps and his nights building delicate towers of cards. Euchrid has a mind that seethes with words to express his vision of the world around him."

I love a collection that illustrates a story. This collection explores the narrative and themes behind Nick Caveʼs first novel titled And the Ass Saw the Angel. The gloom and darkness in the narrative is reflected in the palette and details of the clothing, taking a nod towards the period and geography of the tale. The collection features fabrication such as oxford cloth, velvet, cotton gauze, bamboo and alpaca which are direct references to the tone and garb in the novel. The neckwear like the Texan cravat and floppy bow tie are given a new lease of life and relevance in todayʼs wardrobe.

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Emma said...

Wow, very interesting, thankyou for sharing