Monday, 10 November 2008

Amy Kaehne, The Darkness Beyond Collection - Winter 09

Recently I caught up with the lovely and talented Amy Kaehne to check out her Winter 09 collection and to find out what has inspired her dark yet beautiful designs.

Amy - My inspiration for winter is actually a continuation from summer, Tim Burton with a main focus on contradictions, dark vs light, feminine vs structured, It’s about finding the beauty in darkness.

The collection is influenced mainly from my childhood growing up in NewZealand. I lived near the West Coast where the sand on the beach is black (see the movie THE PIANO then you will know what I mean), the beaches on the West Coast have a spooky/scary element to them but are magically beautiful with their rugged shorelines and angry waves and still to this day take my breath away, hauntingly beautiful......



i love that black and white
lumberjacky jacket


Jess said...

That's my favorite too!

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