Friday, 13 February 2009

Personal Stylings

1. Name, age, occupation.

Nikki Sulentic, 22 yrs old,Web Designer

2. Describe your personal style.

I'd have to say my style is quirky. I'll mix and match my grandma-esque vintage dress with that new beret and delicious pair of shoes I just bought. When I choose my outfit each day I sort of like to think I'm playing dress-up's as I did when I was a small tyke. I think it's fun to add quirkiness and a little bit of craziness to an outfit. It brightens up my day.

3. What is your favorite item of clothing?

My bright red Mala Brajkovic skirt. I can chuck it on with almost anything. It's a great staple.

4. Who is your favorite designer?

Why Mala Brajkovic of course!

Photography by Olivia Lamotte for A New Muse


Kat George said...

Oh wow she's really cute! I love the shots in front of the bridge!

Are you coming to Melbourne for LMFF?? xx

Kat George said...

I'll do you one better and take you to dumplings!

I think I'll be in Sydney for RAFW too so... YAY!


Dan said...

Great photography. The styling of the last shot is on point.