Saturday, 14 February 2009

Wear and Tear

Wear-and-Tear's new collection Sculpturesque is driven by various sculptural forms. Influenced by modern architecture, it combines the beauty of ornament and sculpture on the same piece of art.

Experimenting with fabric, the smooth and elegant silk wraps up the playful geometrical form. The irregular surface interlocks your sense of sight to create fluctuation. The magnificent cerulean blue and the subtle wine red interlace innovative designs. The edgy form juts out intriguingly.

These curious little pieces can be purchased at


Summer said...

Oh geeezzzz....
Those things are so great!!!
I just love it,how did you that??
Can you share it w/me?!=)
I like your blog huh!!
I hope to see you on mine too...
Love it..

fascination with inspiration said...

these are just amazing..