Friday, 6 March 2009

Artist Profile - Antochrist

Recently I caught up with Sydney based artist Antochrist to find out what inspires her art as well as the techniques used to create each unique piece.

If we happened to be destroyed tomorrow than life will still exist and this is what I believe. My work focuses on the bottom of the ocean and the different types of evolution that is created down in those depths. The worlds destruction would have effected the sea and now the creatures have to re-evolve to carry on life, but not as we know it.......

I use a lot of mixed mediums including acrylics, house paint, enamels, pva glue, oil based permanent markers and sometimes even plaster. I paint in a very abstract way, by literally chucking on the paint and mixing it all together like I’m making a giant soup. I use spontaneity to make up the image and create chaos on canvas. I then control that chaos by drawing in what I see and suggesting other lines that in turn create other images. My work is like cloud watching as someone sees something different in each image. The viewer can play around with these images and manipulate them through just viewing.

You can buy her work at

Or head to the Art Market at Oxford Art Factory this Saturday to see her work in person.

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