Saturday, 28 March 2009

Claude Maus A/W 09

Melbourne label Claude Maus was conceived during 1999 and was originally a pseudonym under which artist and graphic designer Rob Maniscalco exhibited art projects.

Each Claude Maus collection is created thematically with a multi-disciplinarian approach, combining traditional tailoring of high fashion fabrics and designs with graphics and imagery referencing the dark side of popular culture.

The A/W 09 range has a strong focus on layering and texture giving black on black and grey an interesting lift.


Madeline said...

I love how the collection is so drapey, yet sharp too.

Summer said...

Love the second picture.It's outfit is soooo cool.;D
Love this post.

The Localist said...

i love the grey pants and shoes - combined with the black jacket and sneaky hood in the second pic..slouch wear that makes you look twice!

Nonoy said...

Love the second picture too..;D
Great outfit.

A chicette in Paris said...

Nice collection, I like the lengths!

Kisses from Paris!


Luna Supernova said...

i love the layering, this is very inspirational, thankyou :)

Becoming Fearless said...

really love this collection