Friday, 10 April 2009

TMOD/Andy Uprock

/\poetry in braille/\ – a new collaborative jewellery range by TMOD & Andy Uprock which combines ‘touch’ with ‘poetry’ aiming to alchemise and broaden new avenues of communication through the language of Braille.

The design of each piece allows our senses to be stimulated in a new way. This is evident within each design; cone pendants are inscribed with Braille poetry; rings are made to read by touch and pyramid chains provide the links in which the collection connects. Interactive poetic forms spin and twist to create this sense of experience.

The range will be dropping in a months time to Dobry Den, Museum Of contemporary Art Sydney, Incu , Alphaville and Violent Green.

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Maddy said...

wow. those pics look awesome!

I'm just starting out with with my blog and am hoping it will turn into something about Melbourne teen fashion... I'd love you to check it out and maybe give me some advice or exchange links?

ty x.